New Nepali Lok Dohori Song 2073 Facebook By Sangam Thapa,Parbati Karki

Floreena Films Pvt. Ltd. Presents :- Lok Dohori
Song:- Marne bhaye Baale
Vocal:- Sangam Thapa, Parbati Karki
Lyrics:- Sangam Thapa
Arrange:- Pawan Wang Lama
Music:- Sangam Thapa
Audio/video:- Floreena Films Pvt. Ltd. 9841222089
Director:- GC Dip Sagar
Cinematographer:- GC Dip Sagar
Model:- Sangam Thapa,Suman Karki, Parbati Karki
Post Production:- Floreena Films
Audio/ Video Available Only On Floreena Films Pvt. Ltd.
All the Audio and Video rights of this Music Video is owned only by Floreena Films Pvt. Ltd.Contact us at:- 9841222089

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