New Nepali Teej Song 2073 Ghorle Chhoro Laxmi Malla & Dipin Sahani

Selfie Singer Laxmi Malla there was one time when the wives would ask husband to buy them the gold and jewelries for teej. But seems like the generatin has changed a lot then we thought. Now the wives are asking their husband to buy them iphones to take selfies in teej. If you are not agreeing, then you should listen to this song and watch the music video of the song which says ‘yeh Buda Iphone kinideuna’. After as decade long time singer Laxmi Malla is back again. 10 years ago even being singer she has to leave being singer managing her house and she is back with a new teej song mentioned above in the market. She must be declaring her comeback in music field throught this song specially teej song. For more details of this song Song Title:- Ghorle Chhoro Singer – Laxami Malla & Dipin Sahani Lyrics – Dipin Sahani Music – Dipin Sahani Artist – Shankar & KarishmaDirector – Shankar BC

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